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Hyperion Therapeutics Virtual Medical Simulation –


Hyperion Therapeutics was preparing for clinical studies on patients with hepatic encephalopathy, a condition caused by liver failure that affects brain functioning and can lead to coma. A vendor on the trial Premier Research Group wanted to produce a virtual medical simulation to train clinicians on two diagnostic systems for hepatic encephalopathy: the Glasgow Coma Scale and the West Haven Criteria. They came to DDA to produce this medical diagnostic eLearning platform.


The new interactive medical eLearning platform would be video-based, showing clinicians completing both the Glasgow Coma Scale and West Haven Criteria with patients, and providing introductions and conclusions about these different rating systems. Testing at the end would assess the acquired knowledge of the trainees and offer certification for those who achieved a passing score. The new virtual medical simulation would need to be accessible from any computer, and would include an administrative area to provide important usage and testing metrics. DDA would create the graphic user interface and produce the final program on CD-ROM for distribution to clinicians.


DDA went on location at San Francisco to shoot all the videos of the demonstration of the coma scale assessments, and provided casting through its own Actors’ Network of professional on-screen talent along with local talent as needed. Om addition to the core course content of medical videos, the eLearning platform also includes downloadable instruction sheets for both the Glasgow Coma Scale and the West Haven Criteria, as well as an interactive quiz that provides immediate feedback and offers certification upon successful completion.

The online testing portion is conducted online. Users view a short clip of a patient’s response and are required to score it using the proper coma scale. If users get any answer wrong, they need to review the materials and keep answering the question until they get it correct, with a score of 100% being required to achieve accreditation. DDA designed the certificate of completion which is personalized with the user’s full name and date. Test scores and other user information is accessible via reports available in the administrative back-end.


The Hyperion virtual medical simulation shows how this form of interactive multimedia medical eLearning can help reduce training costs while making the process engaging, effective, and consistent for all trainees.

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