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HII Award

Health Improvement Institute

OBGYN.net Outstanding Achievement Award

For its uniqueness in website design, comprehensive body of knowledge, and contribution to the medical industry, www.not-2-late.com was honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award from OBGYN.net in June 2007. This is the second major unsolicited award bestowed on www.not-2-late.com. It is a significant mark of achievement to be given recognition from OBGYN.net since this online authority conducts regular reviews of websites and only honors those that make notable contributions to the women's health community. The last award was given in 2005.

DDA Medical not only designed, developed, and search engine optimized the website for the collaboratively managed effort of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP) and the Office of Population Research at Princeton University, but also created the compelling video introduction and testimonials that add a personal and interactive element. The integrated videos allow website visitors to connect with and relate to women that have used emergency contraception. Through the website design and Internet technologies created by DDA Medical, women from around the world have come to appreciate this straightforward and exceedingly useful resource now available to them.

OBGYN.net is the largest obstetrics and gynecology informational website in the world, and acts as an online version of a medical conference or women's health symposium to serve Obstetricians and Gynecologists, as well as women everywhere. With over 1 million papers and original articles written by renowned experts throughout the world, OBGYN.net is a vital resource to learn about new technologies, procedures, and innovations. Just as OBGYN.net is a powerful source of information to professionals, not-2-late.com provides information on emergency contraception to women from all walks of life.

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