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NAPNAP ADHD Medical Education Videos


NAPNAP had worked with DDA on two past eLearning projects and understood the power of its custom designed and developed multimedia platforms. When they had a new mission to educate the public, especially adolescents, about ADHD management and treatment, they came to DDA. The education would center around 10 patient-interaction videos that realistically portray parents and adolescent children navigating through the process of being diagnosed with ADHD, coming to understand its effects, and learning how to use treatment and management techniques to keep symptoms under control to maximize quality of life and functioning.


NAPNAP developed original scripts for the videos, and all videos would be shot on location by DDA’s own professional videographers. DDA’s professional writers worked with NAPNAP’s scriptwriters to edit and refine the copy into finished scripts ready for the screen. A poll would be developed to gather feedback from those affected by ADHD about their experiences and report that information to the public. NAPNAP provided its own nurses for on-screen talent, and DDA cast the actors for the parents and adolescent child used in the virtual medical simulation video series from its own Actors’ Network. The multimedia eLearning platform was timed for delivery in the 2012 ADHD Awareness Week.


DDA developed a custom designed video player in a soothing palette of blues and greys, designed to evoke the end goal of greater peace and tranquility that clinicians have for their patients with ADHD. DDA’s professional editors revised the scripts to ensure a consistent narrative with a fast-paced delivery style that would be more suitable for users with ADHD. DDA custom designed a new 3D office environment to contextualize all the videos, and all video was shot in DDA’s studios on green screen to allow the on-screen talent to be situated within the custom 3D environment during post-production.

The custom video player DDA designed and developed included an easy to use menu system that allowed the user to move towards the topics that were most important to them. Users also take a poll on their experiences with ADHD symptoms, management, and treatment at the end to help further clinical insight into the condition. Administrators can review metrics from these polls in aggregate, as well as broken down by age and gender, to gain a deeper understanding of ADHD.


The NAPNAP ADHD video-based virtual medical simulation highlights how effective the use of technology is in educating on medical topics. The credible dialog helped clinicians, patients, and their families relate personally to the topics as conveyed on screen, and the instant poll results helped both users and NAPNAP with understanding the diversity of experiences with ADHD.

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