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Trucise Total System™ Medical Device Training Simulation –

Case Study: Trucise Total System™ Medical Device Training Simulation –


Terumo Medical Corporation had created the Trucise Total System to provide sterile tubing welding for medical applications and needed a new way to train clinicians on its use. Virtual medical simulation was the perfect way to distribute engaging and effective medical device training to a mass audience of clinicians while sharply reducing the costs associated with in-person professional training. Terumo came to DDA to produce this original, custom designed and developed virtual medical simulation to leverage the advantages that digital medical device training offers over the traditional alternatives.


The goal of the virtual medical simulation was to provide comprehensive training to clinicians in a rewarding, interactive, and engaging way to ensure maximum skills acquisition and retention. Here the use of the device in accordance with proper processes could be performed virtually in a simulated environment, combining experiential learning with the risk-free aspect of simulated procedural learning. The platform would also include a resource library of important documents to supplement the training course, along with testing and certification to verify each user’s retention of the training material.


DDA built the Trucise Total System Training Tool to center around a five-chapter tutorial which combines animation with voice-over narration and on-screen text. The animations were composed by DDA from base photography for a realistic look, and all graphics were produced in house. DDA’s professional copywriters wrote the scripts for the interactive eLearning platform. The virtual medical simulation also includes a resources library that offers operational instruction manuals, a glossary, and additional training resources, making for a comprehensive medical device eLearning platform.

At the end, users take a test to demonstrate the knowledge acquired in the virtual medical simulation. The test provides immediate feedback on correct and incorrect answers. Once trainees achieve a passing score, they receive a personalized certificate of course completion. The testing and certification features help make the medical device eLearning platform an important accountability and reliability reduction tool for Trucise.


The Trucise Total System Training Tool proved to be an effective, efficient, and engaging method of interactive medical device training that markedly improved on the disparate training processes of the past. Now Trucise has one central hub for training on their Total System, creating a consistent, reliable way to teach clinicians how to get the most out of their medical device.

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