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LivaNova XTRA Medical Device eLearning


LivaNova had developed one of the leading autotransfusion devices used in hospitals around the world. The LivaNova XTRA autotransfusion system (ATS) offers advantages over typical blood transfusion as it avoids all the immunological reactions that potentially happen when accepting donor blood. LivaNova was putting out a lot of time and money to provide on-site training on the use of their XTRA ATS in hospitals and clinics around the world. They came to DDA wanting to create an online eLearning platform that would offer the same high quality of medical device training to transfusionists, without all the overhead involved in sending qualified personnel to clinical sites to educate each customer on what the XTRA does, how it works, how it is set up, how it is used during procedures requiring autotransfusion, and how to maintain the equipment.


DDA proposed the creation of a virtual medical simulation that would take the medical device training to the transfusionists in their own home or workstation, to learn about how the XTRA ATS works and how to use it at their own pace, eliminating the need for in-person support. The virtual medical simulation would be based upon a series of video clips accompanied by summary texts that highlight in sync with the spoken voice-over narration offering information on the XTRA and its setup, operation, and maintenance. The medical device training videos comprising the core course content of the virtual medical stimulation would also include a whiteboard animation that shows the full circuit of the XTRA ATS in use with a patient in mid operation, taking the viewer step by step on how the XTRA ATS takes and processes blood for subsequent reinfusion, preventing blood loss during surgical procedures. The eLearning would also include testing and certification along with a robust back-end administrative area helping LivaNova coordinate the use of the eLearning platform with multiple institutions and understand user performance in these institutions and across various demographics.


The client wrote all scripts for the video content. DDA then cast the professional voice-over talent from its own Actors’ Network, and recorded all narration in its own professional studios. Production of the introductory whiteboard animation was first. DDA began with illustrating the full circuit of blood flow from patient to XTRA blood reservoir, processing bowl and centrifuge which isolates the red blood cells, and reinfusion of the isolated red blood cells back into the patient’s body. The whiteboard animation then shows a hand illustrating each part of the full autotransfusion circuit between patient and XTRA ATS while voice-over narration explains the functioning of the device to take blood, separate it into its constituent components, isolate the red blood cells, and send those pure red blood cells back into the patient’s body to provide for the patient’s metabolic needs without reintroducing risks from platelets and fat which could potentially trigger a cardiovascular event.

DDA then shot all the videos of clinicians demonstrating the setup, operation, and maintenance of the XTRA ATS in its own professional studios. The clinicians operating the ATS were sent by LivaNova, and with careful direction with high quality lighting and overall studio setup effectively conveyed the information clearly, with shots carefully chosen to highlight the specific components as they are dealt with in the script of each video clip comprising the core course content. DDA used client-provided bovine blood so that shots of actual blood processing were included in the virtual medical simulation, making the training as lifelike as possible. One especially impactful video shows the centrifuge separating the whole blood into its constituent components and ejecting the buffy coat of fat and platelets to leave behind concentrated red blood cells needed for safe autotransfusion. A close-up shot of the end of this process was integrated as a looping video and used as a background on the login page to add a slick look to the virtual medical simulation and communicate its quality to new users.

The XTRA ATS virtual medical simulation also has a gamified segment in which users assemble the XTRA ATS by adding its disposable components in the proper placement on the base machine in the proper order. This exercise provides automatic feedback for correct and incorrect placement, and users must place each disposable on the machine correctly to proceed, after which they see an image of mistakes to avoid during assembly, and a video of what correct placement of the disposable on the ATS looks like. The eLearning ends with a final test of 15 multiple choice questions that draws randomly from a pool of over 30 questions so that each user is exposed to a different test version each time they take it. Users must achieve a 75% or better in order to pass the test, whereupon they are awarded a personalized certificate of completion, including a special certification code that can be used by administrators to verify the validity of the certificate.

The XTRA ATS virtual medical simulation also includes robust metrics and administrative features. To make sure only customers and employees can access the training, DDA programmed registration codes that need to be inputted in order to access the registration area that allows a trainee to set up login information needed to access the eLearning course. Registration codes can be limited to a specific number of uses and can also expire on a set date as needed. The platform also allows LivaNova administrators the capacity to set up teams and local team leaders, with the latter gaining access to metrics reports on the members of their team so that hospitals and clinics can see how their trainees are doing with the course. The user list can be filtered by multiple demographics including customer/employee, state, job title, medical specialty, and whether or not they watched all videos, took the test, and passed the test, with basic reporting on completed course/took test/passed test shown next to every name for a quick review.

Each user reviews the quality of the eLearning upon completion which can be seen by viewing specific user information. Finally, an administrative dashboard reports very comprehensive global metrics separately for customers and employees in one of over a dozen countries, including how many users there are, how many viewed al the videos, how many passed the test, how many tests were taken in total, how many tests were passed, the average test score, the percentage of tests taken that were passed, the number of people who downloaded a certificate, and the average course rating in that country. The administrative area also allows LivaNova to send out mass emails to the entire user base, manage the documents in the document library, and set up email notifications that automatically go out to users when they are due for annual recertification 30 days, 7 days, and 1 day prior to the anniversary of their certification.


The LivaNova XTRA virtual medical simulation has been warmly received by LivaNova, with the client commenting: “We appreciated greatly the professionalism and dedication of the team.” The platform has drastically reduced the company’s time and expenditure supporting the rollout of new XTRA autotransfusion systems into hospitals and clinics, while providing an exceptionally high quality eLearning experience that is engaging, memorable, and effective.

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