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DDA’s long history of pioneering interactive multimedia and eLearning culminates in its award-winning virtual medical simulation design and development.

From a time when software still came in boxes

From a Time When Software Still Came in Boxes

2019 marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of Dynamic Digital Advertising. Founded in 1994, DDA was an early adopter of all things digital, understanding that digital media offered exceptionally high quality at substantially reduced costs. But it took some time for the rest of the world to catch up to DDA’s acumen. DDA started to introduce itself with postcards titled “Digital Is Cool” and “Catch the Digital Wave,” asking businesses and medical organizations to consider all the possibilities that digital media opened to them which they couldn’t quite yet see. It became the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania, and soon went on to become one of the earliest all digital video and animation studios in the country.

Interactive Multimedia eLearning

DDA has kept pace with each digital media innovation along the way, growing its competencies over time to eventually become an industry-leading custom eLearning developers. DDA has established a unique, vertically integrated, all-in-house digital studio that allows it to offer original, custom multimedia designs that effortlessly integrate function with form, with aesthetics and technical potency working together to produce interactive digital multimedia experiences that exceed expectations in their field over and over again. DDA is able to handle all aspects of eLearning design and development, from conceptualization, script and other content writing, and storyboarding, to recording video and voice-over narration in its own professional studios, editing, special effects and transitions, graphic design, web platform and media player coding, 2D and 3D animation, gamified interactivity programming, database design and development, administrative control programming, and a limitless span of metrics reporting options and more, DDA has all the skills necessary to complete a beautiful, engaging, and effective medical eLearning course and platform for any need.

Pioneer of Virtual Medical Simulation Technology

eLearning is a natural fit for a company with such a wide range of competencies, and virtual medical simulations represent the pinnacle of eLearning design in the company’s eyes. Combining a virtual reality experience with integrated video, voice-over narration, and game-like interactive skills building with gated navigation, testing, certification, and metrics directed towards the teaching of specific medical skills such as the use of new medical equipment in diagnostics and procedures, virtual medical simulations provide the richly rewarding and immersive qualities of virtual reality and games in an easy-to-access online platform while also introducing more realistic content elements like integrated spokespersons, voice-over narration for more traditional instruction, and documentation and other informational supports to create an incredibly lifelike learning experience that simulates real-world clinical practice and classroom instruction simultaneously. Virtual medical simulations make eLearning experiential and enjoyable, involving the learner in their own instruction and thus soliciting the kind of active engagement that helps secure the best learning outcomes.

DDA’s virtual medical simulations can also be supplemented with other eLearning features such as eCommerce platforms that facilitate subscriptions to access the virtual medical simulation, automated email reminders that can encourage learners and trainees to renew their certification before it expires, AI virtual tutor chatbots that can field questions on the subject matter of the virtual medical simulation in real time, and dedicated customer/client relationship management features can help the eLearning providers develop specific relationships with specific organizations, allowing particular access to the courses and content most relevant to them. Thanks to DDA’s long experience in custom eLearning design and development, DDA can build virtually anything you can imagine, and make it a success.

Award-Winning Virtual Medical Simulations by DDA

DDA’s real breakthrough in virtual medical simulation design and development was the creation of the XperGuide VMS for Philips Healthcare. This virtual medical simulation includes a virtual clinical environment custom designed by DDA along with a 3D model of Philips new XperGuide interventional suite. An on-screen spokesperson introduces the XperGuide, then a passive simulation shows the user how to operate it step-by-step, and an active simulation tests the user and makes them demonstrate how to move through the procedure using the XperGuide on their own, offering immediate feedback at each step, correcting, mistakes, and offering hints to proceed. The platform also offers personalized certification and metrics reporting for administrators.

The Philips XperGuide was a huge success, being named by the company as the Best in Class iPad App the year it was released, and eventually winning the first ever Tabby Award for Best iPad App for Healthcare in 2012. Philips found doctors were using the XperGuide virtual medical simulation even on the lunch, demonstrating how virtual medical simulations transform eLearning into highly engaging learning experiences. DDA went on to make four other virtual medical simulations for Philips, and has continued to press forward the technology with other clients through the years.

DDA continues to expand what is possible in eLearning to this day. Having completed over 3,000 projects since its founding in 1994, DDA stands at the forefront of custom medical eLearning design and development. DDA’s deep experience and broad capabilities are centered in a diverse staff of webmasters, animators, videographers, graphic designers, writers, and programmers, allowing it to meet the technical needs of any project while also ensuring that aesthetics and usability are perfected to make for the kind of deeply engaging and rewarding eLearning experiences represented by virtual medical simulations. Find out how you can make your own history in virtual medical simulation design and development. Contact DDA today.

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