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Philips Healthcare HeartNavigator Medical Device eLearning Simulation


Philips Healthcare needed to show the many configurations and clinical environments in which their new PercuNav interventional suite is used, so they came to DDA Medical to develop this unique virtual medical simulation, one of over a half dozen DDA Medical has developed for the company.


This virtual medical simulation would portray the 3 main configurations of the PercuNav in the 3 clinical environments in which it is used. Most of the components of the PercuNav include clickable buttons that expand windows offering images, text, PDFs, and videos which offer additional information on how the PercuNav functions and is used in context.


DDA custom designed and developed the 3 custom clinical environments used in this virtual medical simulation: an IR suite, ultrasound procedure room, and CT suite. DDA rendered 3 of the most common configurations of the PercuNav system based on client-supplied models, adn added a virtual patient and doctor. These 3D portrayals of the PercuNav in use demonstrate the versatility of the system.

DDA also developed a custom control mechanism that allows the user to quickly switch both configurations and clinical environments, so that the user can compare and contrast the many ways in which the PercuNav system is used. Special transitions were rendered to increase the visual sophistication of the virtual medical simulation. DDA Medical also included numerous clinical images and textual information associated with specific clickable hotspots located on the various components of the PercuNav interventional suite in the three configurations in which it is portrayed. Finally, DDA Medical developed an original 75-second animation that shows how the PercuNav interventional suite works.


The final PercuNav virtual medical simulation is a sophisticated online multimedia eLearning tool that effectively demonstrates what can be achieved by custom designing and developing interactive multimedia to convey complex medical information in an engaging, cohesive, and self-directed way.

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