APIH Public Health Training Simulation
Philips Healthcare XperGuide Virtual Medical Simulation
LivaNova XTRA Medical Device eLearning
Inspire Health Breastfeeding Online Medical Eduation
NAPNAP ADHD Medical Education Videos
NAPNAP Synchronized Media CME Platform
Philips Healthcare HeartNavigator Medcial Device eLearning Simulation
Philips Healthcare PercuNav Clinical Environment Simulation
MBSImP Medical Diagnostic Training & Research Platform
TraumaCure WoundStat 3D Animated Medical Training Video
Truce Total System Medical Device Training Simulation
Hyperion Therapeutics Virtual Medical Simulation


About DDA’s Virtual Medical Simulation Design and Development

DDA’s virtual medical simulation technology exists at the intersection of technical capacity and aesthetic beauty. Based upon an over 30-year history in pioneering interactive multimedia, DDA virtual medical simulation design and development integrates a wide variety of disciplines to create powerful new interactive medical eLearning platforms that are deeply involving and rewarding for the learner. Virtual medical simulation combines virtual 3D clinical environments and 3D medical equipment modeling with integrated video spokespersons, synchronized voice-over narration, live role-playing videos, 2D and 3D medical animations, and gamified learning experiences that combine experiential with more traditional forms of learning.

Perfect for medical organizations seeking a way to standardize training on new medical devices and/or procedures while replacing in-person instruction with an automated process facilitated by an interactive eLearning platform, virtual medical simulations offer an innovative solution that helps medical organizations reduce overhead costs while improving the quality of their services. Certification offered in virtual medical simulations can help companies reduce liability, and automated recertification reminders can help keep medical professionals strong in the skills learned on these eLearning platforms through the years. Virtual medical simulations are becoming the new standard in eLearning, as medical organizations and clinicians alike are raising their standards in providing medical education that is engaging, rewarding, and above all, effective.

DDA’s virtual medical simulation design and development garnered it multiple accolades, including the first ever issued Tabby Award for Best iPad App for Healthcare in 2012 for the Philips XperGuide. You can learn more about the powerful Philips XperGuide virtual medical simulation here.

Set your organization to a higher standard. You can expect the best in eLearning when you come to DDA to create a custom virtual medical simulation. You can learn more about how DDA’s custom virtual medical simulation design and development has empowered its clients through the years by exploring the project examples on this site. To find out how DDA can help you meet your medical eLearning needs, contact DDA today.

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