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TraumaCure® WoundStat™ 3D Animated Training Video –


TraumaCure, Inc. developed WoundStat to give soldiers the capacity to stop bleeding quickly on the field shortly after injury. In order to facilitate soldier understanding of the use of the WoundStat hemostatic agent, TraumaCure came to DDA to develop a method to explain the application procedure realistically and in an engaging manner, without the gore of an animal study video.


In conversation with TraumaCure, DDA determined that the use of 3D animation would be an effective way to engage soldiers in active viewing and ensure that they came away from the experience with a full understanding of how to use WoundStat hemostatic agent. DDA offered the development of a 3D animation in the style of a virtual medical simulation to communicate how WoundStat goes to work to stop bleeding at the site of injury.


DDA worked with TraumaCure to write the script of the voice-over narration which would accompany the 3D animation and explain the context in which WoundStat was used, how it worked, and how to use it on the field. DDA then sourced voice-over talent from its own Actors’ Network of professional voice-over and on-screen talent, and recorded the voice-over narration in its own professional voice-over recording booth. DDA’s graphic designers and 3D modelers worked together to develop the video design. DDA developed the 3D characters used in the 3D medical animation, along with the packaging and granules of the WoundStat product as portrayed in the training video. The use of 3D models allowed for 360-degree views of the medical training animation, and both self-application and partner application was portrayed so that soldiers would be prepared to use WoundStat in any context. DDA edited and synced the voice-over narration into the completed 3D animation and added graphics, background music, and live video to create a complete virtual medical simulation that effectively teaches soldiers everything they need to know about how WoundStat works and how to use it to save lives on the battlefield.


DDA produced the final virtual medical simulation training video on DVD for distribution throughout various U.S. military training centers. The TraumaCure Woundstat virtual medical simulation training video was also presented at trade shows and included on the company’s website to expand exposure, and the animation was even provided a national audience through airtime on Fox News.

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